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Paradise Camp 23: Cubist Psychedelic Noise & Magickal Multimedia Improvisation
Time for Arts & Crafts. Dreaming in Public

CUBIST - We mess w/ Time to achieve unexpected results. Recordings are mutated, slowed down, sped up, cut up, folded in, re-used. Sampling of sampling. All work is interconnected.

PSYCHEDELIC - The goal is break on through to the other side, or to make the most hallucinogenic sound possible. Acid rock w/o the Rock.

NOISE - Using every instrument necessary in any given event. We aren't a band, we don't play songs. We rock the Aether. Sounds for the Inner Ear. Sounds you've never heard before.

MAGICKAL - Conscious use of ritual theory and practice. Making it like the witch doctor makes. An open place where anything can happen. Pure coincidence.

MULTIMEDIA - Jamming w/ video. Taming the fractal. Sensory overload. Playing the strings of your subconscious. Breakthrough in Grey Room.

IMPROVISATION - Nothing is rehearsed, planned, or thought out. Campers & configurations change w/ every event. Performing live w/ people you've never met before. The ultimate NOW sight & sound. Playing it as its meant to be. Opening up and letting it flow.

Mandragora Records
P.O. Box 936
Northampton, MA 01061

©2010 Paradise Camp 23